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E3 2011 Kinect Round Up
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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 10:26
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If there is one thing that Microsoft wanted to make sure you experienced from E3 2011, it is de ja vu. Last year was all about Kinect and this year...Kinect. You are the controller blah blah blah . As far as easy achievements go, let us re-cap some of the Kinect games that could be easy points or very interesting...






Since Milo was kicked to the kerb, we now get Fable The Journey. You craft and control magic with your hands and rein a horse. If this isn't even remotely easy points, we shall be so, so disappointed. 





This looks pointless to have Kinect but here goes. Mass Effect 3 will be Kinect-enabled with voice recognition. Of course this will not make Insanity difficulty an easier, but I am betting there are bound to be achievements that require you using the voice recognition. I just want to know what I can say to Ashley. There are a few choice words she might slap me with.







If you ever played this game on a mobile phone, you will know how ridiculously easy this game is. In fact there is someone on the iPhone Game Center Leaderboard scoring 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. I kid you not. Of course suspicion rises that that person may have cheated, but that is besides the point. This game is that easy. The only real downside is that it is only Arcade?





It is Sesame Street. It is a full 1000 points. I cannot see the achievements being more difficult than making Grover or Cookie Monster your friend. Would I be ashamed having it on my Gamercard? Does a bear crap in the woods?





You will be able to craft your weapons with hand gestures into 20 million variations and command your squad with voice recognition. Not sure if they recognize swear words, but they will definitely hear them if they don't go where you want them to. 







EA announced that four EA Sports titles will be released with Kinect ability. Tiger Woods, FIFA, Madden and another to be announced at the later date. Can you guess the last one? My bet at the bookies is Fight Night. Either way having Kinect on these sport games will only be good if Kinect is accurate enough. Otherwise it will be back to cheating with a second controller.


E3 2011 to Microsoft was so much about Kinect and we may finally see less Wii-like shovelware. However some Kinect titles in the past year unfortunately have been atrociously hard to get achievements - I am looking at you Brunswick Pro Bowling - when they should have been super easy. Maybe some of these games and some future ones will tip the balance.