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More Money Glitches
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Saturday, 06 February 2010 00:00
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Confirmed : being poor is boring. Unfortunately some games require you to work for your money before you can actually do anything exciting. Money glitches and exploits have always been a saviour to the cause of bypassing the mundane task of farming or grinding, so it is inevitable that gamers always seek these glitches out. Here are some recent Money Glitches to make you rich and get to the good stuff ....fast !


Please note that some of these glitches may have been patched with an update. You need to decline the update if you are playing the game for the first time or remove the update all together for the glitch to occur. CLICK HERE if you want to know how to remove an update.



There are a ton of money glitches for Borderlands which is why I think the game is very popular. You can even just enter a game with a Level 50 player, take his loot and sell it. Bam, you are loaded. I like this one here below as there is nothing like valuable weapons that keep re-spawning. Nice and easy. There is guide to the game HERE if you want to know more. Credit goes to TraficConeGTpro for the video. 





The last Army of Two had a similar exploit as the one below where you just keep replaying a level and the game continues to save your earnings. There are two below but for some reason both video posters recorded playing the level to get to the exploit, which makes them kind of long. I have embedded one here and the other you can find here. Credit goes to enerGdrlinkz for the video.





I was playing Mass Effect 2 the other day and realized that the money glitches on it are pretty poor (no pun intended), unlike it's predecessor. This one below seems to be, at the moment, the only viable one, but still tricky to pull off more than twice I think. There is also one where you can take a Varren to a fighting pit on the Krogan homeworld and win 500 credits every time, but I have still not got it to work properly yet. Credit goes to wowfony for the video. The "use" key is the "A" button on the Xbox 360.




How to make 20 million in ten minutes. Sounds like major heist. The trick here (I think) is to upgrade the 35th anniversary Camero with all the  parts you can buy then exit the upgrade menu. If you exit out to dashboard and sign back in, the car retains all the upgrades, however  your account is reset to what it was before. So you have not spent any money upgrading the car. The car then can be sold for one million. Be warned the video below is ten minutes long. Credit goes to nsomnairedline for the video.




I am not too sure what to make of this exploit below but I sure found the video amusing. I cannot understand why he has to rubber band the controllers, but hey, any easy way to make money is better than none at all I say. I am sure there are probably better ones in Assassins Creed 2, however this one has a nice clean and clear video without some annoying music track or loud mouth kid whose voice hasn't broken yet screaming out how sick the glitch is. Credit goes to extjames for the video.




Please comment below if you have found any more money glitches on any recent game you found useful. Please share!