Xbox Live Shutdown For Original Xbox
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Monday, 08 February 2010 08:22


Just to clarify, as I am receiving a number of messages confused of what I said in my Iron Man 2 post. Xbox Live will discontinue it's live online service for the ORIGINAL XBOX console and games on April 15, 2010. This no way affects the Xbox 360 Live service...


What it does affect is people who are still playing live games on the original Xbox, for example Halo 2 and playing original version 1 Xbox live games playable on the Xbox 360. Read the official post here. This will be an end of an era for Halo 2 fans as it has always been to this day, still very popular and top of the Xbox Live Chart for original games for the last five years. Bungie have said they will do big farewell and will announce details soon. As for us on the Xbox 360, this will finally enable Xbox Live to increase our friends list beyond 100. The reason why it couldn't was Halo 2 had the list cap hard wired onto the original console. So maybe we will get  a 5000 cap like Facebook then.


[source gamerscoreblog]


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Comments (5)
  • Cryptic Panther
    as the trumpet plays quietly in the background we remove our hats and bow our heads......... after a moment of silence we turn up the volume on our HD TV and PWN some noobs!
  • Xxb3asti3xX
    Wonder how many users Xlink Kai will pickup. I guess if the friends list are fixed that would be good but only if the also implement a way to organize it such as a tag feature or something. Still don't think its very good business to shut down games like this trend that is starting.
    hahahahaha cryptic my thoughts exactly
  • Whittler  - EPIC FAIL
    LAME. MS has always been about backwards compatibility. It's like saying...sorry, xyz.com is going to shut down as it's not compatible with the new internet. It's BS. This is just a way to encourage people to buy new stuff. I hope someone more motivated then me starts a movement/protest/whatever to make this a big deal. Maybe some bad mentions on TV news or something would hurt.
  • Whittler  - Dial has been discontiued too...
    The internet has way outgrown dialup, but there are people still using it! Maybe we should shut that down so we can make the internets better. So sorry rural areas/3rd world countries, no internets for you.
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