Lost Planet 2 Screens Show Gears & Wesker
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Friday, 12 February 2010 08:44


Fresh for Microsoft's X10 Event, new screens of Lost Planet 2 show Marcus and Dom from Gears of War and a new addition. If you look closely at the screen shots (after the break) you will also find Albert Wesker from Resident Evil fighting along side. Weird or what?..


I am not sure how the continuity would work for this. Gears of War is set in a different time to Resident Evil is it not? Makes you wonder what boss they will encounter in the game. Mega-man? Frank West from Dead Rising? Marcus, Dom and Albert Wesker will be available as downloadable characters when Lost Planet 2 gets released this May. Please comment who else should be available.


Lost Planet 2 is due May 18














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Comments (6)
  • HawkTeflon  - I'd like to see...
    Link. With full power, he could shoot his sword at the enemies.

    Bowser ... the one from the last level of The New Super Mario Bros. Wii level.

    Tallahassee from Zombieland.

    The school bus from Cruisin' USA. No one would see that coming.
  • supermum135
    cant wait for this LP1 was my first ever game on 360 and my fav..hope they havent taken LP2 to far i liked the simplicity of LP1
  • Misplaced1BRAIN
    "Dom, don't look now, but I think i see 'DASTARDOS' from 'ViVA PiNATA' playing in the tops of those trees"

  • Levanen
    A Halo character wouldn't surprise me at all...

  • Slam Da Brakes
    @ HawkTeflon

    "The school bus from Cruisin' USA. No one would see that coming"

    ROFLMAO ! Need more N64 characters definitely!
    Master chief Spartan 117
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