Splinter Cell Gameplay Trailer
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 00:00


You know a game is very much on the money when the developers release a hefty amount of actual game play video almost two months before release. Batman Arkham Asylum was the last to do so. Here we have Splinter Cell Conviction and so it should, as they have had four years to work on it...


The game is polishing up nicely and it is starting to take the characteristics and fun of the original Splinter Cells. No good cop bad cop karma decision making, just stealth attacks and solo infiltration with the added bonus (if you check the trailer) of a very stylish in game signage of your objectives. Not sure if that would work in the real world as you would have to be a pretty dumb enemy not to spot them. I do hope the original Splinter Cell gadgets like the Sticky Shockers and the Ring Airfoils also make a come back. I miss those gadgets.


Splinter Cell Conviction is due April 13 (NA) and  April 16 (EU).





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Comments (4)
  • Cryptic Panther
    I haven't played a Splinter Cell game in ages. but i'm looking forward to this.
  • HawkTeflon  - SC
    I don't think I've ever played a SC game. This looks pretty decent.
  • Merc Reaper
    god this game is going to rock so much! its been four long long years since a great stealth action game was made hopefully this will bring it all back into the spotlight!
    Ah this brings me back
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