Fable III Will Have Less Natal
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 00:00


Back in October Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux had announced Natal support for Fable III and many had speculated that this was the 'major' franchise that Microsoft had promised (and are still secretive about) to support Natal. Now it is not so clear...


As Fable III has developed, the game will now not feature a HUD or any form of RPG levelling and Peter Molyneux has stated that if you play it with a controller, it is not really a Natal-based game. Really? Because Fable II was a bit boring, it may need Natal? Strange that Peter Molyneux was hired by Microsoft to spearhead the Natal campaign. With Halo Reach and now Fable III not fully supporting Natal, you wonder what major franchise Microsoft are talking about? Madagascar Kartz 2? 


Fable III is due at the end of the year.










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Comments (8)
  • Anonymous  - fail
    Omg why would the not put any type of leveling thats like the most important part!!
  • trippster  - whats a natal?
    okay so, im guessing maybe that call of duty vietnam might be natal? i seriously doubt it. im thinking more along the lines of skate 4, mirrors edge 2, or some kinda of racing game

    if youve seen the natal video they have a skating game in the works so yeah i know skate 3 wont have natal because they have videos of skate 3 but with guys holding controllers?
  • Misplaced1BRAIN  - think about it!!!!!
    come on, think about it people, the rumor mill has been going for quite sometime that the next generation console is already on it way, and said to be headed for a 2011 or 2012 release. you think that they may just be pushing it back until then?
    I know what you are thinking, 2012 is still to far away for it, BUT may be they are still having so many problems with the TECH and the 360 connection to it, they may just start frm the ground up on the new console.
  • XxB3asti3xX
    I hope they don't make any FPS games with Natal. After playing MWR and WAW on the Wii I found it almost impossible to get anywhere near the accuracy needed to be good at the game. Not to mention there just aren't enough buttons to be able to do what needs to be done. Take away the controller completely for Natal and I see nothing but failure.
  • HawkTeflon  - Good
    I'm glad that they're steering away from it for Fable. RPG's are not Natal ready. There's too much walking around, exploring, solving puzzles, and so on. I've logged 120+ hours on some RPGs, and there's no way I'd want to stand that long.
  • pureskillz  - why try to fix what isn't broke
    I feel we don't really need next gen yet...its clear everyone is rather enjoying what we have now I don't see why they need to milk us when I highly doubt they have anything so advance that anyone would want to drop their 360s for it
  • YouStayCla55y  - Let's hope this is the first of many announcement
    I look forward to more news stories that Natal is being taken out of games!
    I sincerely hope there are no RPG natal games
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