Final Fantasy XIII Achievements
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Sunday, 14 February 2010 00:26


Thanks to Roachanold in our forums, he has reminded me to re-post Final Fantasy XIII Achievements. Actually they are the Sony Trophy list but they cannot be too far off the expected Xbox 360 Achievements...


For a game that is coming in three discs, there are only 28 achievements of which seventeen are secret. Secret achievements on a huge game like this could take some time unless (and we are begging) they are story related. I think we will have a enough trouble with Collector of All Things : Collect all weapons and accessories which screams time consuming. My prediction:


Difficulty : 9/10
Offline : 28
Time to 1000 : 120 hours +
Cheats : Are you serious? 


Spoilers below about more details if you want to know taken from a PS3 site. Note that this all not confirmed in stone as Xbox 360 achievements, so this could change.


Final Fantasy XIII is due March 9




There will be over sixty missions and they will come in A, B, C, D rank. Apparently it will take a full day of playing to finish one tier on one character, so it could take a while to unlock all the characters Master Role achievements. Some accessories are only available as mission rewards. Read this post here if you want to know more. Thanks to Akatski_Milan for the post.





Assault Ruby
Master the Attacker Role


Destruction Sapphire
Master the Blaster Role


Guardian Topaz
Master the Defender Role


Hex Jade
Master the Jammer Role


Inspiration Amethyst
Master the Enhancer Role


Healing Emerald
Master the Healer Role


Limit Breaker
Deal over 100,000 damage to an enemy


Behemoth Hunter
Slay a wandering behemoth


Perfect Diamond
Learn all abilities to the fullest


Collector of All Things
Collect all weapons and accessories


The All Knowing Sage
Gain the complete knowledge of 100 different enemies


Secret Achievement  x 17

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement



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Comments (5)
  • HawkTeflon
    17 Secret Achievements? Wow ...

    I guess that's cool because a lot of times you have to beat a certain boss to get one of those, but I just hope it's not like a "Seriously 2.0" achievement.
  • mestiso7323
    17 secret achievements.

    I was curious to see what they would be like in the first place, and now it is wrapped up in more mystery.

    Wonder how bad they will actually be?
    I've never played a ff game...any good?
  • HawkTeflon  - I don't know...
    MMMMMMMMMMMEH, I don't know if you're being serious or not. For the sake of time, I'll assume you are, as sarcasm never happens on the internet.

    Short answer: If you like RPGs, then yes. But be prepared to learn a whole new screwy system of attacks, magic, et al. Each game is different. Materia, Junctioning, Sphere Grids ... never seemed to repeat. It's a hassle at the beginning, but once it finally clicks, you'll say, "this is brilliant."

    If you have a Playstation, go buy FF7 first. that where a lot of gamers honestly started in the FF series. A lot of them went back after they played that and played the earlier ones, but most started around 7. If you don't like 7, you might want to steer clear of this game. Also, recall that the PS graphics look like crap compared to games like Gears of War, so try to look past that.

    FF8 was great, but the main character was a little emo for me.

    FF9 lost my attention QUICK, though some will debate it's the best one. I didn't play mor...
  • Thieving Monkey  - Don't Panic! Don't Panic!
    It's okay. The secret 'chievos are all story progression ones. They've made them secret because they didn't have the creativity to name them obscurely enough to avoid spoilers.
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