Crackdown 2 Screen Shots
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Saturday, 13 February 2010 00:00


New Crackdown 2 screens have emerged from Microsoft's X10 event. From the screens below you can see that this Crackdown will have different bosses as the city is now overrun by zombies. Why zombies?


Who knows? I am sure it wasn't the first idea that came into the developers heads or maybe it was? The first Crackdown was a lot of fun so I am sure this will be the same, zombies or no zombies, even though it looks like no more over the top crime lords.  I am going to miss those crime lords. The orange armour in the first screen shot is a pre-order bonus. Why orange? Who knows?


Crackdown 2 is due May 1

















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Comments (5)
  • Trippster [1]  - YAY
    finally some new news on the game is out and about
  • Misplaced1BRAIN
    almost looks like a future 'Pied Piper" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pied_Piper_of_Hamelin ). "Come little creatures, follow the music i make with gun"

    I can almost hear the lyrics to "Safety Dance" by "Men Without Hats" playing ever so lightly in the background "We can dance, we can dance, everyones taking a chance."
  • Slam Da Brakes
    @ Misplaced 1BRAIN

    Safety Dance? I think you are showing your age there

    I had to look it up on YouTube lol
    I youtubed it too haha
  • HawkTeflon  - It's cool
    It's cool, Misplaced. I know the song.
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