Ghost Recon Future Soldier Teaser
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 00:00


I lost interest in the Ghost Recon series ever since they took the cheats out. So news from Ubisoft that another Ghost Recon is out this Fall (video after the break), just doesn't exactly do it for me. The title Ghost Recon Future Soldier also raises a slight eyebrow..


What is the difference between an Advanced Warfighter as opposed to a Future Soldier then? Squad based tactical shooters were always too fiddly for me as you would always had to plot a way point and then your squad would move. Then came along Call of Duty and all you had to do was shoot and not care one bit what happens to your squad. So unless this includes cheats and possibly laser guns, I might pass.


[source Ubisoft]


Ghost Recon Future Soldier is due this Fall. Credit goes to JanoGal for the video.





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Comments (5)
  • misplaced1Brain  - WOW, Mr. Frodo..............
    Finally, I can now say --- I've seen a new world. I've always wondered what a mix between "the lord of the rings", "the matrix", and "gears of war" might be like. JUST watch the video. you could swear that Mr. Frodo and friends are taking their rings off, just as they come out from under that blanket.
    Wow that's a really weird analogy guy above me but I can see what you're saying lol
  • Hardboiled  - Huh
    I was thinking a bit more Harry Potter gets Drafted, but hey thats just me..
  • Cryptic Panther
    i played the first one on pc only so depends on my mood if i will give it a try.
  • XxB3asti3xX
    Lets just hope there are no achievements like GRAW for getting to the top of the various leader boards. Guess as long as they had the cheats like that one I would have to play it but no cheats and I might have to consider it a little more.
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