No Gears 3 This Year?
Written by Slam Da Brakes   
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 10:00


UPDATE : According to Edge April 2011! Thanks CVG 


Talk about being shot down, as my Magic 8-Ball predictions for this year's E3 are already in trouble. EPIC's VP Mark Rein over at G4TV has practically ruled out any Gears of War 3 being released this year as EPIC have NO plans to release any game in 2010...


This kind of contradicts what Mike Capp president of EPIC said the other week, that EPIC fans will be really excited for a new shooter that will be announced at E3. Pray and tell us Mike what other game would make EPIC fans excited? There is only one game that EPIC do and that is Gears. Does anyone else know any other EPIC games? No. Do you want to know any other EPIC games? No. 


Gears of War 3 is due not any time soon.


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Comments (3)
  • Metal X76  - Noooooooooooo
    Please be wrong. Its a ploy to build more hype. Damn it, probably another unreal. Going back into a coma, wake me when there is some Gears news.
  • PWjuggalo  - Should Have Known
    Of course it won't drop till next year. Lets be real, first off they hurried and threw GoW2 at us and all though it was loved it fell way short of the marker created by the first one. Second the teaser trailer isn't even slated to be released till April 8th of this year. They are guessing April of 2011 is when it will launch. You have to remember they have big things slated this year. Who the hell wants to compete with Halo: Reach or CrackDown 2. Plus Epic has Marcus & Dante appearing in Lost Planet 2, so you have to let the nostalgia of that were off before throwing them back out. And as for other games f*ck yeah Epic makes other games I wanna see. How about Unreal III or Unreal Championship 3 both would be very welcomed. Plus they are working on opening a new engine development team in Tokyo as well as own several companies. I mean the shooter could simply be Shadow Complex 2. Never read to much into things. Sorry I am done now.
  • Roach
    Saw this on my Twitter today... makes interesting reason as to why Gears of War 3 WILL be released in April 2011 and announced at E3.

    http://www.nowgamer.com/blogs/casual-games/353/why-gears-3-will-releas e-in-april-2011
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