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1. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
... To make this work, you will need to complete only the last checkpoint on Veteran, which are short and easy. This is very similar to the Bourne Conspiracy Assassin Cheat.     Here's how to do it   ...
2. Mass Effect 2
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... which requires you to hit 20 different enemies with a combination of biotic powers. Use Jacob's Pull and Miranda's Warp on the airbourne enemy to get started on this achievement     The Normandy ...
3. Alpha Protocol Screens
... : revenge. The Bourne Conspiracy : find out who did this, then revenge. 007 James Bond (with the stupid name) Quantum of Solace : revenge. So is Alpha Protocol a story of revenge? Of course it is. You ...
4. Rogue Warrior
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... You cannot select the last level and play it on whatever difficulty you are going for (a la Bourne Conspiracy or Blacksite). Fortunately a playthrough is less than three hours, this is a VERY short game ...
5. Baja : Edge Of Control
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... any race during your career.   Career Complete! - 100 points Complete the entire career by finishing 1st in every league and invitational tournament.   Deux Mille Bournes - 25 points Drive ...
6. Annoying Collectibles
... Bourne Conspiracy had a passport to collect after the boss gun fight coming out of the museum. Tricky, as you had to play this section and collect it on Assassin (hard) difficulty if you wanted to play ...
7. The Bourne Conspiracy
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
    ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE ::   You can pick up a lot of points from The Bourne Conspiracy with little effort, although some achievements can be slightly annoying to collect the full 1000. ...
8. Hard Games Made Easy!
... for, try this trick CLICK HERE.     Bourne  Conspiracy Assassin :  Here's a cheat where you only need to complete the last checkpoint. There will be only two boss fights and a gun ...
9. Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Glitch
... last checkpoint on Veteran, which are short and easy. This is very similar to the Bourne Conspiracy Assassin Cheat.     Here's how to do it     Step 1   Play the level on Recruit (Easy) ...


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