Dead Island
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Saturday, 10 September 2011 02:16

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Dead Island Money Glitch


For some of you playing the game who do not know there are different coloured skulls around the game: red, orange, purple, blue, green, brown. How many ? Maybe more? These skulls when placed in a certain place will give you a developer mod = special weapon, to make these weapons you need 5 diamonds and x amount of something else say 5 batteries to make electric knife etc.


Here is the glitch you can give a bottle of champagne to Svetlana for 1 diamond. [Svetlana is a survivor in Dead Island at the Diamond Bungalows. Svetlana asks the hero for some champagne in the mission Time for Booze]. Bottles of champagne are rare but will often respawn in the same place, just leave fast travel then return later you can get a diamond for the champagne rinse & repeat. Sell the diamonds for money as often as you want.


Here are a few places where bottles of champagne will spawn if not there first time just return, if anybody finds any other locations please add them here.


Hotel Kitchen


Hotel kitchen fridge cooler there is champagne, right after you drop down from elevator go through large kitchen area a few bottles usually spawn. Then just quit (Start Menu, Press Y) ... then just choose Continue. Do this for about an hour or two ... you'll probably gain a level or two as well because of all the walkers and the thug in there. But after about 10-20 minutes each trip, you get about 4-7 Champagne bottles each time, so that should give you plenty of Champagne bottles.


Laboratory Fridges


The laboratory fridges leave area fast travel return rinse repeat.


An Abandoned House


An abandoned house in the city where you can fast travel to, a guy sells meds there is a fridge behind him which also spawns champagne.


Quick tip: do not sell all your stash of diamonds or else you will lose your cash when you die, sell diamonds when you need cash only.


Dead Island Duplication Glitch 


You can also duplicate anything you want in this game for you or a friend, exactly like Borderlands. This would be a great way to get lots and lots of diamonds, or really good weapons.


Friend starts a game you join drop all your inventory, weapons, meds, diamonds etc.


Gun Devil 2 has pointed out that when the host gets a save, the person dropping the items should stop dropping items as they will usually get a save about a minute later. When the host gets a save tell your friend to get ready to dashboard, make sure all items are picked up! To be safe we duped about over a hundred items at a time, works perfect.


If you dashboard straight away, it will not save! Then your friend will have all the weapons, diamonds etc to keep or sell. You will still have all your items in your inventory. Alternatively you can just join again all your items will still be there on the ground as long as your trusted friend did not pick them up you will have double everything.


Another Duplication Glitch


Submitted by xfactorhatesu


You need the deo-bomb mod for this to work. It's another dupe glitch but you can do it solo. I found the best place is in the church at the start of Act 2.


1 . Dump whatever items you want to dupe on the ground and buy (or already have) a deo- bomb from the table in the back.


2. Throw the bomb at your feet and when it explodes, pause the game right before your character hits the ground and reload checkpoint. This will reload you right outside the church with your inventory intact and when you walk in all the items your dropped will be on the ground will still be there.


I did find that if you put too many items down you will lose some so this is really only good up to about 40-50 items at a time. Make sure you get a full checkpoint before shutting down so it all saves. This isn't as good as the co-op live glitch but it does the trick when you cant find anyone online to help.




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