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10 Easiest Arcade
Written by CovertPimpSloth   
Friday, 15 January 2010 23:12

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Ever get bored and exhausted of playing full length games? Ever not have that $60 to waste on that newest easy game? Ever too lazy to get up from your couch and go to the game store? Well here are Top Ten Easiest Xbox Live Arcade Games to increase your Gamerscore for less money AND less effort...



Pac-Man  400MSP


This old arcade game is ridiculously easy and it gets easier when you give yourself more lives (from under the options menu) Priced at a cheap 400 Microsoft points, this game will have you getting points in no time. Because you can restart your game from the last level you made it to, this game should take no longer than 1 hour to obtain the bulk of its achievements.



Mrs. Pac-Man  400MSP


Obviously after you've tried out Pac Man you should get Mrs. Pac Man. These two games have an identical achievements, so if you found the first one easy, pick this one for another easy 180 (there is one really hard achievement on both of these games).



New Rally-X  400MSP


Another old arcade game.  It's a racing classic with similar game play to that of PacMan. With only one hardish achievement, this game is very easy for the FULL 200Gs. Again, just restart at the beginning of the furthest level you have made it to, and the game should be complete in less than 1 hour.



Dig Dug 400MSP


Another of the old classics, your basic point and shoot game for an easy 200. Only one hard achievement which will take dedication, but after that, basic level based achievements will make this game easy.



Galaga  400MSP


The last of the retro arcade games, If you haven’t got Galaga than you should definitely pick it up. The pesky perfect bonus achievement wont come easy, but for a fun, quick and enjoyable 180, this game is your ticket.



Live Draft Tracker 400 MSP


A really easy game here. It is possible to get all 200 in around 45 minutes. Just import a draft list and fiddle with the options and the points are yours for the taking.



3 On 3 NHL Arcade 800MSP


For all those who like hockey, you will love this addictive surreal hockey parody, but for all those who don’t, you can get all of the achievements in only 2 games! One online and one off. Just be sure to get the online ones quick before the servers are shut down!



Altered Beast  400MSP


Looking for an old action side-scroller, well look no further. The main game can be completed in less than 30 minutes, which makes this ideal for achievements.



Wallace & Gromit Episode One : FOBT 800MSP


If you're looking for easy points you should always go for kids games, it's just a fact. This game is a painless 200Gs. Just look at a guide for the collectables and the points are all yours.



Dash Of Destruction  FREE (this game is no longer available)


Make it your mission to get this game. There is no reason known to man why anyone should not have this game already. IT'S FREE, what more do you want?Obtain all of the achievements in under 30 mins! The easiest arcade title yet and its free, seriously Microsoft, pull yourself together.



Well there you have it. The Top 10 Easiest Xbox Live Arcade games so far, if you think any others are easier, leave a comment.




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