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Below is a list of Windows Phone 7 games that have been defined as EASY. They should take no longer than 3 HOURS to complete and you should collect 170 - 200 points EASY.


You will need a mobile phone with Windows Phone 7 operating system to play these games and earn achievements. All earned achievements will be uploaded and added to your Xbox Live profile. Read HERE for more information.  


All these lists were compiled by various gamers. This list is not definitive as some games have been omitted due to the lack of information.



   Display # 
# Article Title Author Hits
1 Asteroids Deluxe LIST ONLY 3334
2 Bejeweled Live LIST ONLY 4852
3 Butterfly Gun Devil 2 4273
4 Fable Coin Golf LIST ONLY 3550
5 Fast And Furious: Adrenaline LIST ONLY 3331
6 Flight Control LIST ONLY 4160
7 Fruit Ninja buttoon 7944
8 Full House Poker LIST ONLY 2856
9 Lunar Lander LIST ONLY 2680
10 Monopoly LIST ONLY 4360
11 Need For Speed: Undercover buttoon 4893
13 Women's Murder Club: Death In Scarlet LIST ONLY 2592