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The Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Upcoming Games
Written by Eddie Tubs   
Thursday, 05 February 2015 21:54

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Do bears shit in the woods,Lara Croft hopes the answer to that question is no because she is back in the wilds of Siberia.Its the second instalment since the nice chaps over at Crystal Dynamics rebooted the series and playstation fan boys wont be happy either.


The game was first teased by microsoft back at E3 last year and it is now confirmed its an xbox exclusive. They will be more than one setting for Lara to explore, she will be taking her bow across deserts,forests and snow covered mountains and will have to gather objects for crafting to survive, all the while dodging bear poo, ok that last bit was made up.


We will have a bit of wait because the release date is late 2015,but have a peace of mind that playstation fanboys will have a much longer wait if they ever get it, i can hear them now, but our graphics are so much better bla bla bla bla.