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Micheal Phelps Push The Limit Easy Achievements
Written by eddie tubs   
Sunday, 13 January 2013 21:01
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Kinect games are getting more popular for easy achievements, no game is a better example than Micheal Phelps push the limit. I cant swim i hear you say,well we cant teach you to swim but we can help you unlock 4 achievements for a nice 280g.....



Your first achievement is by far the easiest.

First Finish - 70

Just win a race, quick play or career,very easy


Front Crawl Winner - 70

Just win a front crawl race,as above will be the first one you unlock


Optimum Finish - 70

Swimmers need to put their hand out to stop them when they finish easy put your hand out.


Optimum Dive - 70

Dive like a boss,very easy put your hands out pretend to dive.

The game heads in a pattern like this, achievements range form 70g to 90g and 100g

Looking for a quick fix for your gamer score in under an hour well this is for you.