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Heavy Fire Shattered Spear Easy Achievements
Written by Dooney   
Friday, 01 February 2013 07:42

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A little birdie tells me that we have another diamond in the mist, that diamond comes in the form of Heavy Fire Shattered Spear. Reported to have a completion time of under 4 hours, yes you heard it correctly "UNDER 4 HOURS".


We achievement hunters love these types of games, easy, quick, Full 1000gs is something we wait months and months for and every now and again one drops upon us. The developer Teyon and publisher Mastiff Games are certainly not one of the bigger names in the industry, but do we care... No !!

34 achievements all offline to obtain the full 1000gs with 2 playthroughs required, one on rookie and one on veteran but has been given a really easy completion score.

The fact is that the game may even be rubbish, but if we only have to give up 4 hours or less of our lives in order to gain another 1000gs thats a small price to pay.. Have fun with this, and remember you heard it here !!