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Fifa 06 Easy Achievements
Written by eddie tubs   
Monday, 14 January 2013 21:54
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This is an oldie but a goody,if you have not heard of the achievements in Fifa 06 you are new to this site or you have been living under a rock.This is the second game in our series of quick achievements.This game has 6 they dont come much better then this....



You have to qualify for the fifa world cup,set to amateur and 2 mins per half,well worth the 300g

Cup Qualification - 300GP

Same as above,if you feel you are about to be beat just restart the match as it is knockout rounds.

Win World Masters - 200GP

Same as above,just keep to amateur,very easy.

Win International Open - 200GP

There you go a nice 700g for not much work and better still you can hit 1000g in 5 hours and because its neary 6 years old its sitting at the end of a special offer bin waiting to be picked up cheap.