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EA To Scrap Online Pass
Written by Dooney   
Thursday, 16 May 2013 06:24

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For a long time now EA titles have carried the controversial online pass system, the said system was intended to bleed gamers further and profit from the second hand game market - Shame on you EA


Well it seems that the people sitting in the ivory tower have indeed been listening to consumer complaints, and have decided to scrap the online pass system. EA have confirmed that no new titles produced will carry this system.


Whilst I welcome this approach as I am sure many gamers will, the sceptic in me thinks that the fall in revenue from sales has probably driven this more than the actual complaints.


No complaints here though as, whatever the reason EA have finally seen sense and will now give the second hand market a break.


I really hope the other publishers are listening !!! Lose that steath tax on the second hand market, or else !




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