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Batman: Arkham Origins announced
Written by eddie tubs   
Tuesday, 09 April 2013 19:25

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While the war over always on internet  is still ongoing,there is one man who wont be getting involed and thats Batman, because he is coming to the Xbox 360 in Batman: Arkham Origins.....


Warner Bros has announced a third game in the Arkham series.When you don't know what direction to take a story in,its always best to release a prequel,thats what Warner Bros have gone and done.The story is set before the other Arkham games,and you star as a young Batman meeting supervillains for the first time,one name that has come up is supervillain  Deathstroke.


There is one small catch Warner Bros are going it alone without series developer Rocksteady but they do have full access to Rocksteady's Unreal engine.


Batman: Arkham Origins released October 25 2013