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Saints Row IV
Written by eddie tubs   
Friday, 15 March 2013 18:06

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The third street saints are only finished shooting up Stilwater,but they are not ready to rest.Saints Row IV is heading to Washington D.C.The goal is the President and the oval office.......



The next installment in the Saints Row franchise sees the Saints leader being elected president, but its never as easy as that.


You have to throw in an alien invasion for good measure, new publisher Deep Sliver in my opinion is trying to distance the game from that other sandbox tittle that will sell millions when its released.


Sorry the name has crossed my mind, there is one stand out selling point Saints row always had and that's fun by the bucket load. It was like the story is created by a gang of drunk men on a long walk home.


The last game the achievements were easy with a long play through so lets hope it stays the same.There is one thing we know and thats the game will be fun and mental or mental and fun what ever order you pick.


Saints Row IV released August 20 2013



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