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Written by eddie tubs   
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 13:42

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New developer Realmforge studios is releasing a gothic vampire stealth game."Wait" what a vampire game? not a zombie game? at long last something other than a zombie game! crack open the champaign and celebrate......


You will control Eric Bane a vampire that wants to become humane again, you are on the hunt for the vampire lord you need his blood to change back. Its a stealth game, walk on a shard of glass you will be heard, stay out of sight or you will be seen, makes a change from taking a rocket launcher to a zombies face that can be loud at times.


Good or bad it shows that developers are still thinking of the 360 and have not moved on yet, and Realmforge are a new studio so they will want Dark to work

Dark release date spring 2013







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