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Microsoft Announces Xbox App For Windows 10
Written by eddie tubs   
Monday, 26 January 2015 21:09

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Phil Spencer head of xbox announced at the windows 10 briefing how gaming will work on the new operating system and how each windows device will come with the new xbox app, sounds exciting, need to know more keep reading...


The xbox app will organize your games and friends list from your windows device,i hear you say this is nothing new and you would be right but there is more, while details are slim on ground, Phil Spencer did announce you will be able to stream xbox one games to your windows device,achievements included.One game was announced that will make the jump is fable legends you will also be able to record footage on your device with the same DVR feature we use on the xboxone.


I'm sure the jury will be out on this until its launched, but wouldn't it be great if you purchased something on games on demand and was able to play it across all devices,if this was the case i want microsoft to take my money now but until i find out for sure my money will stay buried in my backyard.