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Sunday, 27 May 2012 01:12

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There is no guide for this game yet. But apparently it is EASY POINTS!




First Machete quick kill - 5 points

Perform your first Quick machete kill while being bullied


Machete quick kill, the third - 5 points

Perform 3 Machete quick kills while being bullied


My first rescue - 5 points

Help or rescue your first victim


Elevator repair service - 10 points

Repair the elevator to rescue the people stuck in the Fireworks episode


Fifth quick kill - 10 points

Perform 5 Machete quick kills while being bullied


Some tomatoes for her - 10 points

Provide tomatoes to the hungry lady in the foggy streets


Three victims helped - 15 points

Help or rescue 3 victims


Five victims helped - 20 points

Help or rescue 5 victims


Ten victims helped - 20 points

Ten victims helped


Do it once - 20 points

Finish the game once (any difficulty mode)


Survivor - 40 points

Finish game in Survivor mode


Ultimate rescuer - 40 points

Rescue / help all victims in the game




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