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1. Where The Wild Things Are
  This game has cheats that DO NOT AFFECT ACHIEVEMENTS. CHEATS ::   WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Please click here for our achievement guide CHEATS   You need  to ...
2. Two Worlds
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... where the other trainers are located. Here is the map   Reached Skill Level 10 -  20 points Reach level 10 in one skill   You will need to reach level 20 and put 10 points into any ...
  I always a bit suspicious of a game where that achievements appear on Xbox.com before any screen shots appear. As with the case of How To Train Your Dragon The Game, there is not even a trailer ...
4. Mercenaries 2 : World In Flames
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... Pick up a sniper rifle and start shooting VZ drivers in jeeps, or you can go to the town (cannot remember the name right now) where the UP Headquarters is, as you enter you will see 2 VZ jeeps attacking ...
5. Looney Tunes : Acme Arsenal
(Xbox 360 Games/10 -15 Hours)
... And I thought this was gonna be a dull day!   Wobot season! - 30 points Smash 500 Enemies. So, goodbye to you - and farewell to thee!   ...Where's the "kaboom"? - 20 points Fully max out each ...
6. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
(Xbox 360 Games/Time Consuming)
... water, the smaller one on the right is the one you want, underwater is 2 rocks forming a 'crevice' where the ring should be. Move around and watch the 'cross-hairs' change to a 'hand' icon, the "dupe trick" ...
7. Where the Wild Things Are
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
... points Complete a ride with Carol without crashing   This can be a little frustrating, but there are 2 sections throughout the game where you ride on Carols shoulders and you control Carol. You can ...
8. Trivial Pursuit
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
...  Objective Master - 50 points Complete all objectives (CTB)   This can only be unlocked in Clear The Board Mode, which is a timed single player game where you only get ONE chance to answer a ...
9. CSI : Hard Evidence
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
... He will put out an APB for him. Now you need to LEAVE to any other location. Click on anywhere, then come straight back. Ask a new question, then Brass will give you a new location, a mini golf course. ...
10. Cabela's African Safari
(Xbox 360 Games/5 - 10 hours)
... difficult part about Expert Mode is that there is no GPS on your HUD, so you  have to find, or remember where all your game and trophy animals are. There is also a timer on the hunts which can be ...
11. Terminator Salvation
(Xbox 360 Games/Under 5 Hours)
... where you came from, the achievement will unlock.     Underground - 80 points Complete Chapter 5 - Underground on any difficulty   To unlock this achievement you need to Complete Chapter ...
12. Night At The Museum : BOTS
(Xbox 360 Games/Under 5 Hours)
... the Vending Machine   Mini-game where you have to jump across from platform to platform and destroy some bags of snacks in under 3.00 minutes. Use the Keychain to grapple and swing across big gaps ...
13. Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008
(Xbox 360 Games/Under 5 Hours)
... when you reach New Zealand Fall, Level 8. Right at the beginning there is a mini game where you need to shoot weasels. Complete the mini game as normal, then STAY in the tripod. The weasels continue re-spawning. ...


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