Batman: Arkham City
Written by Misplaced1BRAIN   
Friday, 04 November 2011 21:08

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Batman : Arkham City Story Teller Glitch

Submitted by Misplaced1BRAIN


Story Teller - 10 points

Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man



PLEASE NOTE: depending on when you start this - pay attention to the CORRECT date, and follow this: you need to have your system disconnected from your router/modem, NOT connected to any online


Calendar Man:

Go to the back door of the "Courthouse", enter and speak with him, in the basement cell. He'll give you clues on which date(s) to come back and visit . Note if this is the first time meeting with him, he will give the the NEXT closest date - and there is ONE for every month


Now depending on which date he gives you - you just have to exit the back door of the courthouse, where the game will save automatically and go to your "system settings" and change the internal clock to any of the following (see below). This process has to be done for each date ( if you don't want to wait a whole year for the achievement)


NOT sure if dates are the same worldwide BUT:


OCTOBER. 31 - Halloween

NOVEMBER 22 - US Thanksgiving of 2012



FEBURARY 14 - Valentines day

MARCH 17 - St. Patricks day


MAY 13 -  Mothers day US is the second Sunday in May, 2012. If the game has region codes and programmed to reflect this in the UK, it is called "MOTHERING SUNDAY" and it is the fourth Sunday of "LENT" and 2012 would be MARCH 18th.

JUNE 17 - Fathers day US (not sure worldwide)

JULY 4 - Independence Day

AUGUST 26 - National Dog Day - US (not sure worldwide)

SEPTEMBER 3 - Labor day in the US, the first Monday in Sept  2012