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Sunday, 14 February 2010 00:00


With a boatload (which technically is bigger than a truckload) of news coming out of Microsoft's X10 press event, I thought I would just lump it all into one post and give you a recap on Splinter Cell Conviction, Final Fantasy XIII, Dead Rising 2 and Halo Reach et al...


Here's the skinny broken down for you because that's kind of guy I am. New screens are below.


HALO REACH : You can access the Halo Reach Beta via your Halo ODST Disc on May 3. Halo Reach will supporting a new game engine which will include 40 light sources as compared to Halo 3's four dynamic light sources. I have no idea what that means so don't ask. It just needs to be better than ODST. As a side note, the music sucked on ODST. What was all that jazz saxophone stuff? My dad liked it which means it doesn't belong in a game.


Credit goes to Trippster in our forums for posting the beta date. Trippster posts the date as May 1 via Dashboard so I will check with Microsoft.


DEAD RISING 2 is now released August 31 (NA) and September 3 (EU) Dead Rising CASE ZERO, an exclusive download for the Xbox 360 will be released prior to the full game release. It is prologue that bridges the two stories together.


ALAN WAKE will launch in May 18 (NA) and May 21 (EU)


XBOX LIVE BLOCK PARTY will launch the Game Room on March 3. Perfect Dark will also be released. 


SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION will be released April 13 (NA) and April 16 (EU) Ubisoft actually set this date and set it stone, literally. This because the release date for this has changed some many times in the last four years since it was first announced, they thought they better make it clear.


LOST PLANET 2 is due May 18 (Worldwide)


FABLE III will be available this Holiday. Just around the same time as Natal? Oh joy.

























































Comments (3)
  • HawkTeflon
    Not looking forward to a Natal induced Fable 3. I understand a lot of people will enjoy it, so I'm not going to rip it, but I just don't see myself wanting to explore Albion for that long while standing. Don't you understand how lazy I am, Microsoft? It's not going to happen...

    ..unless there's Natal only achievements.
    So many good games coming out! Woo
  • xCRiM3 x NiGhTx  - SCDA
    I love the online on splinter cell double agent. Been playing it for 2 years which may seem sad, world ranked high on it and ubisoft say they are not doing spy vs merc in CONVICTION.

    its a joke. not buying it and im glad they are delaying it so splinter cell doulble agent is not dead!!
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